About me? No, About You.

Such a page?

Traditionally, this is where a website, who thinks entirely too much of itself, gives you a rather long-winded monologue that could actually have been summed up in a mere three words.




A Happy Head does things differently.

Paul Wilson Folkestone Hypnotherapist

This page is about you.

You're not happy in your life. Things are bothering you. You spend way too much time worrying about This, That, and The Other.

You are - in a word - unhappy.

Well . . . Simply put?

My aim is to make you happy.

Happy . . . most of the time.

Most of the time?

Why not all of time?

Because there are times when being happy is the wrong feeling.

If, for instance, your next-door neighbour's cat, Mister Fluffy Buttocks IV, bites the postman's bottom, sending the postman running down the street and screaming at the top of his lungs - 'Get this sodding thing off me! - with a fluffy feline still holding onto his buttocks with biting teeth and his body waggling crazily behind the postman's ample buttocks, and if you should be standing at your front door with a delightful and (here's that word again) happy look on your face, well, it's probably not the best time to actually be happy.

Especially when you consider that the postman has just caught that happy look on your face and, as he runs screaming into Wobblybottom Drive, has just made a mental note to avoid delivering your mail for a month.

So . . .

That said?

You should be happy most of the time.

And I believe . . .

You can be.

The first stage on your journey to happiness is removing the baggage that's holding you back.

Here are some examples of problems you might be up against:

Fear of flying, snakes, spiders, heights, needles, cars, dogs. Mister Fluffy Buttocks IV

Anxiety, depression, social anxiety, low self esteem, low self worth, weight issues.

Creative blocks that hit writers, artists, entrepreneurs.

Once we'veĀ removed the baggage?

I can set you on the right track.

I can give you . . . a happy head.

- Paul Wilson, owner of A Happy Head.

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