You deserve happiness. I help people – just like you – get a happy head.

Based in Folkestone, Kent, I have helped people, from all walks of life, lose the baggage that was holding them back and making them unhappy. I gave them happy heads.

There's 35 video and social medial testimonials on this page, and you'll find my Google reviews on the home page too.

This is what Jodi had to say!

"Thank you Paul Wilson for taking the time with me to dig under my excuses and the shitty things I tell myself to find, connect and heal all those rules. I am forever grateful. It is so weird... what started out as the problem was not the problem. Strange how that works."

Helena is also a clinical hypnotherapist who specialises in smoking cessation... but even hypnotherapists need help sometimes!  Helena had some issues around her business, but within 20-30mins her problem was, in her words "obliterated" and she's now back on track and refocused on her work.  It's an honour to be called upon for assistance by a fellow professional - I'm delighted for her!

Fiorella needed some business coaching, however by using advanced conversational hypnotherapy we uncovered a secondary root cause which was holding her back.  "He has an amazing way of solving the problem and eliminate it once and for all, thank you Paul!"

Karen had a session with me and tested the results straight away!  The problem that she came to me for was completely gone.  Just remember Karen - you can have your meat and potatoes!

Sunny really needed a safe space to work through issues he had with anxiety. We used advanced conversational hypnotherapy to help him listen to his unconscious mind and "get out of his own loop".  You're welcome Sunny, and thanks for the testimonial!

Paul is a popular youtuber who talks about being a driving instructor and dealing with driving anxiety - also one of my specialties.  He can't remember most of our session, which happens from time to time, but since I was talking to his unconscious mind, he still got his problem solved.

Maria came into our session as a complete sceptic, but let go of a "lifetime of stuff", felt it draining out of her legs and was filled up with light through her hands.  She's now going to go and have fun, which is something she hasn't made time for before.

Zula had a lifetime issue that was plaguing her, but she couldn't work out why it was there - very frustrating!  We worked together and, in her words "the light came on and I found the solution".  She knows why she had the problem and knows what to do next. Finding and extracting the root cause is what I do, and I love it.

Iwona needed help with business outreach and the confidence to run Facebook live videos...

Rachel was suffering from imposter syndrome in her business and we discovered the root cause of her problem.  She's now confidently moving forward with her business and she has the whole world ahead of her.  She said "Paul, you're a bleeping legend!"

"Paul is a really talented coach, very easy to talk to and insightful..."

Hypnotherapy for Life's Challenges.

"I was able to untie the knots that have been holding me back in life.  I can breathe, I feel freer and more relaxed."

Nikki Booton worked with me two months before this testimonial and came to me for something that turned out to not be the actual problem.  She said "the change was phenomenal, long lasting and changed everything for me!"

For many years I would say most of my adult life and some of my teens...

I have been a great worrier and a poor sleeper I asked Paul for help and the results have been amazing far greater than I was expecting. I no Longer worry Myself silly and my sleeping has greatly improved. I was rather wary of the idea of hypnosis but I would thoroughly recommend it.

John, age 66

This lovely lady is a PR Coach who really wanted to confidence to go live on Facebook to promote her business.  In just one session we removed her mental blocks and she's live on Facebook all the time!

Review Hypnotherapy for Female Orgasm
Hypnosis for Alcoholism

One of my favourite reviewers standing proudly next to the spider she caught in the bathroom when previously she couldn't even be in the same room as one!

Mindset Limiting Beliefs Testimonial

I saw Paul for help with poor eating habits ie eating too many crisps cakes biscuits etc especially when stressed over a period of 3 weeks . . .

It has helped me enormously and I can get into clothes which I have not worn for some time my aim is to drop 2 dress sizes and I am confident I will do That I 71 years young thank you Paul for helping me get on top of the situation.


From Facebook:

Raquel Braganca
December 20, 2023

I am a life coach. I am aware of when I am in a place of internal conflict and in this particular situation, I believed there was no real solution. Grieving someone who is alive is a very specific kind of pain and the details of my hurt made it all more difficult to find the lightness and peace I so longed for. I did my own work a long time ago and most of this was fine. BUT the root, that piece that remains … was still such a weight on me. So I ask Paul: can you help me? Yes, I can – he replied. I was delighted for the opportunity to talk with someone who is not emotionally involved nor has witnessed all the unfolding. My expectation was that Paul would use hypnosis to address this, but no, Paul asked me a simple and powerful question. And when I replied dismissing it, he insisted. What he did was open possibility in me, one that I refused to consider. He brought possibility back to life, as I hesitantly began to consider his suggestion. Through tears and snot, I found my way. By the end of the session, I had peace. The lightness and beauty of peace. I loved it! Secretly, I was wondering … will this last today and maybe tomorrow? Will this last one week? The truth is – with Paul’s guidance, I made a decision and that decision is final. I have been able to talk about and not cry not even feel the pull towards tears. I am at peace. I am free. Paul gave me this gift: he showed me the way and guided me there, with care and love. I didn’t know I could feel this free after one conversation! Thank you seems too small after what I experienced. I have expressed my gratitude to Paul, so I hope he is aware of the impact he had on my life. The purpose of this is to make you the reader consider new possibilities: how would your life be different if you were able to change that one thing? Book time with Paul and you will be on your way.

Rachel Allen
June 15, 2022

Paul has a great approach to coaching and has helped me to identify and overcome a number of challenges in my business life including self-doubt, clarity and just generally getting in my own way. With no ego or coaching BS, Paul is patient and compassionate and committed to seeing his clients get results and move forward.

Danielle Gardner
November 5, 2020

Had my first session today went in feeling nervous but needn't have been concerned! Paul was very professional and helped me see things in my thought patterns I had never understood before super insightful! I came away feeling positive and ready to take on the world again thank you Paul!

Jane Jones
April 24, 2020

Paul really knows how to get straight to the core of your problem. In less than 30-minutes I got clarity on what was holding me back from being visible in my business, and also know what to do about it. I would highly reccomend, Paul.

Antonia Dingle
June 4, 2019

I highly recommend Paul - he helped me break through some serious limiting beliefs that I had been carrying for a long time, and also identify where they came from, which I previously had no idea. He is gentle, insightful, listens well and creates a safe, 'held' space in which to discuss and explore. I was able to put down crap I had been dragging around for 25 years, after a single session. Thank you Paul!! ❤️

Nicky Booton
June 3, 2019

Highly recommended! Brilliant guy, doesn’t hold back and gets right to the heart of an issue, using that for the basis of his work! Go in with an open mind and you’ll undoubtedly feel the benefit of Paul’s expertise!

Amanda Jolly
September 21, 2018

Fabulous hypnotist would thoroughly recommend, amazing guy and amazing results 😃

Hypnotherapist for Stress & Anxiety
Anxiety & Self Confidence
Hypnotherapist for Stopping Smoking Testimonial

I’d been drinking alcohol on a regular basis for several decades, always thinking I’d stop one day. I heard about Paul’s work and decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose?

After years of struggling with my issue, I was blown away with how easy it was to change.

Paul has a calming, grounded energy and I immediately felt at ease in his presence. Despite the obvious apprehension prior to my first session, I was able to totally relax and be in the moment from the outset.

Once Paul explained the process and ran through a few test exercises, I started looking forward to the sessions. I could see immediately that this was going to create real change in my life. Paul also made it fun and engaging.

The urge to drink alcohol literally disappeared overnight. There were a few fleeting moments where I thought about it briefly, but these soon faded once the change was embedded into my subconscious. The whole process took a mere 3 weeks, which I found astounding.

I would thoroughly recommend Paul as a practitioner for making positive changes in your life. He was incredibly supportive during the process. I didn’t need any help between sessions, but he offers this as part of the service. At the end he even guided me through the methods I could use on myself for any other change work I wanted to do. I have tried this at home and it works. As a result, I feel empowered to create further change and steer ever closer to my life goals.

Thank you Paul, you have changed my life for the better!


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