Hypnotherapy for Alcohol & Smoking

Whether you're struggling to give up smoking or would like to cut down your drinking, hypnotherapy is an effective treatment to help you get where you want to be.

Drinking Alcohol

Most of my addiction clients have wanted to reduce the amount they drink, however a few have needed to stop completely because it was adversely affecting their life.  You don't need to ask me which of these apply to you because you know that already.  It's my job to help you achieve either, according to your needs.

Drinking Too Much Alcohol

Does Hypnosis Work For Alcohol Addiction?

Yes.  Hypnosis works for alcohol addiction because the root cause of the problem is always buried in your unconscious mind.  Using Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy can uncover that root cause and enable you to reframe and leave behind the behaviours that aren't working for you.

If drinking is affecting your relationships, your job or threatening your home life, then your choice is clear and your motivation should be high.  Others simply feel that coming home from work and polishing off another bottle of wine is something they'd rather be an option, instead of a coping mechanism.  Whether you're addicted, or relying on alcohol as a crutch the process we go through is the same - we find the root cause, buried in your unconscious mind and eliminate it.

That simple, eh?  Well no - but it'll feel simple to you.

Hitting Rock Bottom

Some clients come to me in their darkest times because they cannot go on the way that they have been, these people are also successful in giving up what they want.

The truth is, whether you've hit rock bottom or your drinking is just getting a little out of hand - your chances of success are the same.  If you let me into your subconscious mind - you can achieve anything you want.

The Depths of Addiction
Alcohol addiction Review

I’d been drinking alcohol on a regular basis for several decades, always thinking I’d stop one day. I heard about Paul’s work and decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose?

After years of struggling with my issue, I was blown away with how easy it was to change.

Paul has a calming, grounded energy and I immediately felt at ease in his presence. Despite the obvious apprehension prior to my first session, I was able to totally relax and be in the moment from the outset.

Once Paul explained the process and ran through a few test exercises, I started looking forward to the sessions. I could see immediately that this was going to create real change in my life. Paul also made it fun and engaging.

The urge to drink alcohol literally disappeared overnight. There were a few fleeting moments where I thought about it briefly, but these soon faded once the change was embedded into my subconscious. The whole process took a mere 3 weeks, which I found astounding.

I would thoroughly recommend Paul as a practitioner for making positive changes in your life. He was incredibly supportive during the process. I didn’t need any help between sessions, but he offers this as part of the service. At the end he even guided me through the methods I could use on myself for any other change work I wanted to do. I have tried this at home and it works. As a result, I feel empowered to create further change and steer ever closer to my life goals.

Thank you Paul, you have changed my life for the better!


Stopping Smoking & Vaping

Fewer and fewer people are smoking and vaping these days.  It's been banned in many public places and it's becoming less and less socially acceptable. But you're still smoking... why?  It's not because you're addicted... withdrawal symptoms for smoking only last a few days or weeks at most...

It's because there's something deep inside your unconscious mind that's driving you to continue and if you knew what that was, you'd have stopped by now. I call this: The Root Cause.

The good news is that help is at hand.  I'm a walking, talking weed-whacker ready to pull that root cause out of your unconscious mind and before you know it you'll wonder why you ever smoked at all.

We need to weed-out the negative thoughts that inhabit your subconscious and replace them with . . .

Behaviours that work for you, not against you.

Hypnotherapist for Stopping Smoking Testimonial

How I work.

We'll meet online for a 45 minute, free consultation. Designed for us to get to know one another.

I'll make notes and ask you a variety of questions to help me work out how best to help you.

We might also complete a short series of exercises.

The exercises will help us decide if we are able to work together - to change the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back.

Providing we both agree that we're a good match? We'll put three separate sessions into our diaries.

Each session won't last more than an hour, and the sessions are usually one week apart.  During these sessions I'll use Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy to get the bottom of your problem.

We'll fix your smoking or drinking issues.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain with a free consultation.

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