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coaching entrepreneurs and fellow coaches get the best results, release potential and build rock-solid confidence

My mission is to eradicate your impostor syndrome, constant doubt, perfectionism and procrastination, setting you free to generate more income and have a happier head.  The core of what I do.

If you're stuck in business think of me as someone who'll apply jump leads to restart your engine getting you back on the road.

Here's what one of my clients said about me:

"I absolutely love being mentored by Paul Wilson. Met him last year in London when his presentation at a mastermind day touched me deeply. He gets people.

Muddled minds, contact Paul. You will not regret it!"

Sandra ten Hoope.

I'm a coach / mentor to successful people looking for that elusive missing link. Finding the thing that gets you up in the morning and looking forward to the day ahead. Removing obstacles like imposter syndrome, procrastination, perfectionism and overwhelm.

Why coaching?  I love helping people reach their full potential.  There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a client, who was stuck, suddenly finding the road ahead clear.  Their whole outlook changes, taking action becomes their focus and mission.  It's wonderful to be part of this process.

Will This Work For Me?

Absolutely, yes! If you're committed to doing the work, being honest with me and implementing what we agree on. The results will be transformational. Everyone will see you fly!

I've had a small number of clients who came in trying to make a business work. But it wasn't what they really wanted. We soon worked this out and found a new, more passionate direction to go.  I see these as an even bigger success, because now they're successful and happier.

What am I saying here?  Sometimes people cling to a business model they've been told to follow, however it's not what they really want. Their subconscious mind keeps them safe, by holding them back.  It's a simple process of finding something that works for you, setting you up for success.

The bottom line is that I won't stop until you're on the right road. 

Do I need to come to you for coaching?

My clientele choose video conferencing instead of in-person appointments.

Procrastination, Overwhelm, Imposter Syndrome and Perfectionism don't care where you live or work. I serve my clients worldwide, in many English and French speaking countries - across all time zones. So it doesn't matter where you are. I'm happy to see you in person or over Zoom.

What do I need to know about Paul Wilson?

Of course, your next question is "Why should I pick Paul Wilson as my business coach instead of the thousands of other coaches out there?"  It's a great question with a surprising answer.

Not all coaches are equal - this isn't about one coach being better than another, it's about you.  Your needs are paramount and we need to be a good fit.  This is a frank and clear explanation of my history, style and practice. You can assess if I'm the right person to take you, and your business, to the next level.

I've walked in your shoes and know how hard it can be.

I've implemented massive change in my own life: After 25 years in the private sector I decided it was time to move on, do something different. It had to be personally rewarding. A year of "New" for me. I expanded my comfort zone and had a fabulous time.

Investing heavily in myself, learning new skills and training with the best of the best. This became a continuous practice for me. Personal and professional development are an ongoing process.

When I complete each training, I find out who trained the trainer, working my way up the chain.

I attended Tony Robbins' “Unleash the Power Within” and walked on hot coals - it was an incredible experience. Studied and trained with numerous mentors and coaches including Tim Box, Jonathan Royle, Jonathan Chase, Richard Bandler, Scott Jansen, Robin Waite, Ali Campbell and more.

One of the highlights was Logan Murray's Stand Up Comedy course, during which I performed two live stand up gigs.

What on earth does stand-up comedy have to do with business coaching?  It was something that pushed the limits of my comfort zone. Once conquered, I knew I would be able to achieve anything.  Feeling the fear, doing it anyway (great book, by the way).  Stand Up is a brilliant way to develop your public speaking skills.

The comedy course was an adventure, I didn't do it because I had aspirations to become a comedian. I did it to expand my comfort zone, doing something incredibly uncomfortable and learn a new skill.

Doing the stand up was a bit extreme, but that's my personal style, it worked for me.  Don't worry, I'm not going to send you on a comedy course!

I've plenty of testimonials showing how my clients have benefited from working with me. My favourite is probably the shortest and most direct.

From Nicky Booton, Self Esteem and Empowerment Coach:

“Basically, in short – you’re a fucking legend! xxx.”

Watching the changes in a person's outlook, once they realise the baggage they've carried around for years has permanently gone, is amazing. The smile on my clients' faces when they realise this, is priceless.

With the skills I've learned and the experience I accrued, I'm able to help, not the whole world, but a few people at a time. I love what I do and I get to meet and work with incredible people.

I get a buzz seeing the changes I help people achieve.

To me it's like having a superpower.

What's My Business Coaching Style?

I'm glad you asked!  Your choice of business coach should suit your individual needs and coaching style is a big part of that.


Business Coaching sessions should be fun and serious in equal measure.  Whatever is appropriate at the time. Laughter is great medicine, it also leads to neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to rewire itself e.g. break habits) and leaves a lasting memory of the moment you decide to let go of what's holding you back.


Once I get to know you, I'll sometimes be very direct. I do this to create a "pattern interrupt". It's a way to alter a person's mental, emotional, or behavioural state to break their typical habits. Think of it as an unexpected act that will jolt you into another state of mind. You might be a little shocked - but I assure you it's therapeutically effective.


It's the best policy, full stop.  But it's a two way street.  I give and expect honesty in my coaching sessions because it delivers the fastest results for you.

James Altucher, entrepreneur, bestselling author and venture capitalist said, "Honesty is the fastest way to prevent a mistake from turning into failure." or, if you'd prefer something more pithy..

"Plant Honesty and Trust Will Grow." - anon.

Conscious and Unconscious Conversations

Leading neatly on from my previous point about trust and fast results, you've probably noticed that I'm also a hypnotherapist which may, or may not, be your cup of tea.  However I assure you that it's a great tool in my coaching arsenal - especially for my particular group of clientele.

Most business coaches don't generally need to rummage around in your unconscious mind, but as a practitioner of Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy, I'll notice quickly if what's holding you back isn't something that you're consciously aware of.  I'm hyper attuned to unconscious eye movements and micro expressions which leak out from your internal dialogue. If you're stuck in procrastination, perfectionism, overwhelm or imposter syndrome then I'll be able to sort that out quickly and easily in one of our sessions.

To be clear, our coaching sessions won't involve hypnotherapy unless I notice the need for it to accelerate your success. I'll discuss it with you before adding it to the mix. There's no additional charge for this service.

Decide for yourself

Don't take my word for it, I offer a free coaching consultation. You can book by clicking the button below. We'll have a chat, get to know each other. You decide whether my coaching style is right for you.

Here's the moment I stepped onto stage at the comedy graduation gig.  Proof that I don't just talk the talk, I also walk the walk.

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