hypnotherapy for anxiety.

Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy is an ideal treatment for Chronic Stress & Anxiety, because it can target the root cause of the problem which is buried in your unconscious mind.

This differs from traditional hypnotherapy, which uses the same script for every client, because we'll have a conversation during which you'll drop into trance, letting your unconscious mind show us the real cause of the problem.

Clients who benefit from Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy have often spent years paying for talk therapy without seeing results and then after a few session of ACH see their anxiety start to melt away.

Stress & Anxiety

The Different Types of Stress

Before you consider Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy (ACH) for Anxiety, it's important to understand the different types of stress and anxiety so that you can see if it's right for you.

There are three types of stress:

  1. Acute stress:  Temporary stress caused by a single incident such as nearly having a bump in your car, an appraisal with your boss or waiting for good or bad news.  The body & mind experiences this stress then the feelings ebb away naturally.  Acute stress is good for you because it keeps us safe from harm, helps us make quick decisions like swerving to avoid a collision or running away from a predator.

  2. Acute Episodic Stress: Repeated stress events with gaps in between.  Such as dealing with difficult family members who don't live with you, busy days at work or going through a non-abusive divorce. The body experiences stress regularly, but it has a chance to recover in between.  The longer Acute Episodic Stress goes on, the more likely it is to accumulate and have a negative impact on your health.

  3. Chronic Stress: This kind of stress is the most debilitating because there is no let up between and is experienced long term.  This could be living with an abusive spouse, working in a very stressful environment with no possibility of leaving or being stalked.  If you experienced Chronic Stress as a child then you're likely to have CPTSD.

What's the difference between Anxiety & Stress?

Whilst stress tends to be caused by outside factors, such as particular people or events, anxiety exists without external stressors and presents as a constant worry about what might happen in the future.  You may find that your response to external stressors is disproportionate to what is happening around you, or you've stopped participating fully in life.

As the mind and body are connected you may also be experiencing an unexplained or chronic illness, pain in your body and / or gastrointestinal issues.  Your doctor may have told you that "it's all in your head", prescribed anti-depressants or anti-inflammatory painkillers, which likely vexed you at the time. But the pain is real because your body is trying to tell you that it's time to deal with your anxiety once and for all. Dr Gabor Mate talks extensively about the connection between anxiety, chronic illness and pain in his bestselling book "When the Body Says No - The Cost of Hidden Stress"

Can Stress Lead To Anxiety?

Absolutely yes. Long Term Acute Episodic Stress and Chronic Stress raise hormones such as cortisol and over time increases your likelihood of developing Chronic Anxiety.  If you're always stressed than your body becomes accustomed to throwing out high levels of cortisol (stress hormone)... even when there's nothing to stress you out, the hormone keeps coming.

The trick with Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy is that we work together to reveal the cause of your anxiety (it's not usually what you think it is) and then give you tools to manage your day to day stress more effectively.  Gradually over time your cortisol levels will lower and stress will become manageable.

The reality of anxiety is that it's our brain's way of keeping us safe, but for those who suffer from debilitating anxiety, it goes too far. You see, anxiety doesn't care if you're happy, it only cares whether it keeps you alive, and that just doesn't fit with modern living.  The sabre-tooth tigers are long gone.

The root of anxiety lives in the subconscious mind, which is the playground of hypnotherapy - exactly where I can help you the most.   Together we can work out the events that created the anxiety and reframe these unhelpful thoughts until they no longer control your behaviour.

Which types of stress are suitable for Hypnotherapy?

Most people don't need Hypnotherapy for Acute Stress because it's over and done with in no time.  However if your response to the stress is highly exaggerated or not what you expect it to be, then there's probably a hidden cause to the problem that we can eliminate for you.  A good example of this might be driving anxiety or a phobia.

Some people need help with Acute Episodic Stress, especially if it's been ongoing and is causing problems with your home, work or health.

If you're experiencing Chronic Stress & Anxiety then Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy can definitely help you lower your stress levels and empower you to look to the future with optimism.

How I work.

We'll meet online or in person for a free 45 minute consultation. Time for us to get to know one another.

I'll ask you some questions to help me work out how best to help you. We'll also complete a short series of exercises.

The exercises will help us decide if we are able to work together - to change the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back.

Providing we both agree that we're a good match? We'll put the first sessions into our diaries, once I've received payment

Each session lasts as long as it needs to, and they're usually a week apart.

Working with me is a simple process but you have to be committed, you must want to set yourself free.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Be the hero ️of your own story.

Book a consult with me today.


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