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Available for podcast interviews - audio / video and radio shows.

If you're looking for an experienced guest for your podcast or YouTube channel who'll entertain and educate your audience then look no further. I've been told I'm entertaining, occasionally controversial and fun to listen to.

Hosts invite me to talk about business coaching, hypnosis, life experiences such as my years backpacking through Europe, mental health, depression and suicide and more recently, why people should stop watching the news!

View my Podcast Summary, complete the form below and I'll be in touch.

In the meantime, here's a sample of two podcasts I've appeared on recently and some highlights from my YouTube Channel:

Podcast Showreel

Robin Waite - Fearless Business Podcast

The biggest blocks to business success such as doomscrolling, Procrasti-working and being sucked into negativity and limiting beliefs. Stop watching the news because Politicians will always be doing what politicians do, there's always awful things happening every day and nothing changes. Instead, focus on your business and start adapting to the current business climate so that your company remains competitive.  

Jo Howarth's Happiness Hacks

Talking about the importance of being grateful, focusing on the positive, catching yourself focusing on the negative and that practicing is a dirty eight letter word!  We can have instant noodles, but we can't have instant stardom. 

YouTube Showreel

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