hypnotherapy for phobias.

We are not born with a fear of spiders or flying.

Or any other phobias.

Phobias are unhelpful lessons we learned when we were growing up.

To explain . . .

We have no need to fear reptiles here in the UK because they are harmless - that's why it's not a helpful lesson to have learned.

Getting close to a hot pan on the stove? Then being stopped from touching it by a parent or sibling?

It's a useful lesson. It teaches us that hot objects can harm us - and that's the difference.

Your logical brain can see it - but your subconscious cannot.



As you and I work together, my job is to remove the illogical.

How I work.

We'll meet for a one hour, free consultation. Designed for us to get to know one another.

I'll make notes and ask you a variety of questions to help me work out how best to help you.

We'll also complete a short series of exercises.

The exercises will help us decide if we are able to work together - to change the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back.

Providing we both agree that we're a good match? We'll put three separate sessions into our diaries.

And I'm happy for you to have a chaperone to accompany you during each session.

Each session won't last more than an hour, and the sessions are usually one week apart.

Let us fix your phobias together.

You have nothing to lose with a free consultation.

And everything to gain.

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