I was obese.

Weighing in at 260 pounds or 19 stones (121 kg.) The only exercise I got was walking from my office to the coffee shop for a large Cappuccino and a Blueberry muffin. Bottle of wine a night to wash down the Spag Bol or Chilli Con Carne. Oh and lunch was a main course with chips and a pudding. Fatboy Slim... not.

Bad shape physically and mentally. Not a good place to be. Wellness wasn't a word in my dictionary.Before I understood wellness

Funny thing is, I didn't notice the weight piling on. My Doctor didn't mention it either.

One day I had to climb a few stairs because the lift had broken. Even before I was half way up, I was out of breath. Wheezing, sweat pouring down my face. I felt sick.

I'm lucky, didn't have a heart attack, didn't keel over. But I felt crap.

When I got home, I stripped off. Took a look in the mirror and saw a fat bastard staring me in the face. Who was this bloke? I didn't recognise myself. Strange how we only see what we want to see.

An early death wasn't on my planned agenda. I decided to do something about the state I was in. But what exactly?

You and I both know the old saying "Eat less, exercise more." That's what I started to do.

I knew there were underlying issues to deal with. Something must've caused this unsupervised comfort food fest...



I started looking into what wellness meant. I couldn't just look at my weight problem in isolation, because I knew there were underlying issues to deal with. Something must have caused this unsupervised comfort food fest...

Trawling dozens of websites, the consensus was that wellness meant :

The regular practice of good habits to achieve better Mental, Physical, Emotional, Social, and Environmental outcomes. Turning surviving into thriving.

What the "f" did they mean by "outcomes?" More research came up with:

  • Physical: helping my body get and stay healthy, using exercise, nutrition and sleep, etc.
  • Mental: Building my learning, problem-solving, creativity. Sorting out my mindset.
  • Emotional: Become more empathetic. Learning to understand my own and others' feelings.
  • Spiritual: Finding a "higher purpose" or something to believe in. Something I could get behind.
  • Social: Being around good people and helping others.
  • Environmental: Doing my bit to help the environment and caring for my own space.

I got a dog, went for long walks. Getting up early on summer mornings. Walking for 2 hours before going to work. Cut down on the booze and crappy food. Starting eating better. I looked at all the parts listed above and started on each of them. It took time, I think around 2 years to drop the weight. Got myself to around 190 pounds. I felt and looked great.

The last couple of years have taken their toll and I'm around 20 pounds over my ideal weight. Not really an issue though because I've made a plan to drop that in the next few months.

You're in the same boat I was?

You’ve tried everything. Celeb diets, fad diets, "your best friend swears by it diet." Every December you join a gym but only manage to go a handful of times. The treadmill you bought is gathering dust in the corner. Your booze intake is up and you're not in a good place mentally.

Nothing you have tried has permanently removed an ounce of the excess fat you’re carrying around.

There’s a reason why you can’t achieve your wellness goals. Something inside is holding you back and you didn’t even know. Not surprising really because it’s deeply embedded in your subconscious, stopping you creating the changes you’re so desperate to make.

Will-power won't do it - that's a limited resource.

It’s not hard to root out the problem and install the behaviours you need to get your life back in shape.

Becoming a healthier person is simple but it's not easy unless you get the right kind of help.
And that means . . .

Tackling the root cause of behaviour, removing it, and replacing those feelings with different patterns of behaviour - ones that will help you achieve your weightless and wellness goals.

How I work.

We'll meet, online for about 45 minutes to an hour. A free consultation. We'll decide if we're able to work together - to change the thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back.

Providing we both agree we're a good match... We'll book in your first session into our diaries.

Each session lasts as long as it needs to. Normally less than an hour, and the sessions are usually one week apart.

You have nothing to lose with a free consultation.

And everything to gain (except weight, of course!)

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