Hypnotherapy for Driving & Passenger Anxiety

Driving AnxietyIt used to be fun. Led to adventures, exploration, meeting friends and memorable nights out.  Driving anxiety and passenger anxiety can really get in the way of your life.

The anxiety can start days before a long trip, or whilst you're in the car.  You may cancel plans last minute because you can't cope with the idea of being on the road.


How Does Driving & Passenger Anxiety Start?

The root cause of driving and passenger anxiety is different for everyone which is why Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool to resolve it.  But the symptoms begin the same. Out of nowhere, you can't face it. The idea of getting into your car fills you with dread. What was once a sign of freedom and independence has become your worst nightmare.

Sometimes with Passenger Anxiety it's always been there in the background, and suddenly it gets worse.  Or perhaps someone new in your life drives with a little less care than you'd like.

Worst of all, no one understands.

"Look Paul, we're just going two  junctions up the Motorway (Highway) and we'll get there in no time." They can't see your stomach churning, your palms starting to sweat. They don't hear your heart beating louder than any drum.

Does It Happen Every Time You Get In A Car?

Not for everyone.  Driving and Passenger anxiety hits people in different ways. Many people just can't face been in a car at all, passenger or driver.

Others can drive around town but can't drive on unfamiliar roads. And don't even think about busy motorways (highways.)

It's not even a fear of death that stops you. It might be you're afraid of being in an accident or being trapped.  Sometimes the anxiety builds up over a long journey, making long journeys stressful or impossible.

For some, it's not being in control or getting stuck between exits, when you desperately want to stop and get your breath back.

Driving Anxiety Tunnel

Driving Anxiety Symptoms & Examples

This is just a short list of driving related anxieties which I've helped my hypnotherapy clients resolve:

  • Concern about panicking on the road and not being able to find somewhere to pull over
  • Driving on unfamiliar roads.
  • Motorways or busy roads - the M25 is a particularly common theme where I'm based.
  • Past traumatic experiences - usually negative ones. Sometimes not even related to driving
  • Crashing or losing control of the car, driving or being a passenger
  • Going through tunnels
  • Bridges (yes, even small ones)
  • Time based anxiety - driving at night, early morning or rush hour for example
  • Bad weather, for example snow, ice or heavy rain and the chance of losing control of the car
  • Witnessing a nasty car accident
  • Anxiety about losing your way
  • Being a passenger in a car (because we can't control how they drive and they might miss something...)
  • Stress and negative events happening in your life
  • Too many other cars on the road
  • Getting older and losing confidence in your driving skills
  • Vision or hearing issues.
  • Memories of a parent or family member who didn't drive, or drove badly, when you were young.

That list isn't complete it's just the tip of the iceberg from what clients have told me and recovered from.

If you know someone who has Driving Anxiety - Signs to watch out for:

You know when you have Driving Anxiety. But for those who are concerned about someone close to you here's what they might be going through before they even get into the car:

Driving Anxiety Busy RoadsDays or even weeks before this person has to travel somewhere by car when there's no other choice.

They will do everything they can to avoid it. Being ill, telling you they really don't need to go, it's not that important.

If they have to drive, they'll spend endless hours planning a route that avoids situations which trigger their driving anxiety.

Even if it means adding hours to the trip.

They won't be able to sleep because they'll be worrying about everything that can go wrong.

They will lose their appetite and just won't eat. They may get sick. Have bouts of severe panic. Be prepared for this person to (if they are a passenger) spend the whole trip with their eyes closed.  Or cancel last minute.

How to overcome Driving Anxiety

The fastest way to overcome your Driving Anxiety is to work with me because it's what I do. Together we'll hunt down the root cause, pull it up and get rid of it. Just like a gardener removing weeds from a flower bed.

Driving Anxiety and Passenger Anxiety can be overcome. It's not a life sentence if you choose to take action to get rid of it.

Need more help or advice I offer a FREE no obligation consultation,  we can discuss your specific anxiety challenge and share several ideas you can use.

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