Erectile Dysfunction & Libido

Let's bust a myth here... it's not just men who suffer from ED.  In fact between 38% and 63% of women suffer from the female version, known as Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) (1),, which is the inability to orgasm.  

The prevalence of Erectile Dysfunction in men is up to 73% and although there is a positive correlation with increasing age, it is noted that younger men are also affected, (2) so although talking about it may feel uncomfortable at first, be reassured that it's a common issue.  I've helped many men and women reclaim their ability to orgasm through Hypnotherapy and I'm exceptionally comfortable discussing anything you need to bring to the conversation.  And I mean anything...

If you're considering Hypnotherapy for Erectile Dysfunction or Female Sexual Dysfunction, then the first thing I'll ask is whether you've already visited your GP to consider other causes such as prescribed medications, diseases and other health-related issues.  Having ruled these out, the remaining causes can be treated effectively with Hypnotherapy.

Erectile Dysfunction

Does it Work?

When the cause of the problem is rooted in anxiety or your subconscious - Emphatically, yes. I have two case studies to illustrate, one for ED and the other for FSD.

Hypnotherapy for Erectile Dysfunction

My client was in his forties suffering from a combination of ED, premature ejaculation and low libido, other causes had been ruled out.  Our session was extremely successful in discovering the root cause using a trance state, however the client needed time to absorb the information and feel safe in the solution.

Around a week later he spent time with his girlfriend and discussed the issue at depth, during which he fell back into trance twice for a total of 45 minutes.  Since then he has been sexually active at a new level and even his girlfriend has discovered a new level of intensity in orgasm.

This is what he had to say:

"Hey Paul, here is a little bit of feedback on our session.  I really liked how you worked. Short and sweet, going for the throat immediately.

It made me think, and it made me make some conclusions.  Now, as far as results, I did not feel a lot of change for days. 

However, I am sure you are a piece of the puzzle... My girlfriend and I were in deep conversation about therapy, about techniques, about us, about our relationship and sexuality.  This made me drift DEEEEP into trance.  I just sat there for 25+ minutes.  Reconfigured, I guess.  Came out of trance and we talked a little.  Then back into trance for another 20 or so. 

And since then I have been sexually active on a whole different level.  Things have changed, not just for me, but also for my girlfriend. 

There have been some boundaries in her, that have finally disappeared.  Also, something interesting, she realized that what she thought were orgasms, were NOT orgasms.  The were something milder.  Now she has orgasms and they blow her mind...."

Hypnotherapy for Female Sexual Dysfunction

My client "X" was in her 50's and had endured 20+ years without any bedroom activity.  Her and her husband had reached the stage where they'd both stopped even thinking about it... almost.

My client hadn't reached orgasm by herself, with her husband or with former partners and so she thought there was something medically wrong. There wasn't.

Sheer frustration and upset caused her to contact me after reading my posts and watching my videos. Lurking in the background for around a year. Finally she felt safe in contacting me about such a sensitive subject.

We had three sessions working together. We covered a whole range of territory. The solution to her problem we found down long disused and overgrown path.

A group of long forgotten memories from her young adult days. They were centered around her anger, frustration and guilt of not being to able to orgasm when she was intimate with guys.

Essentially each experience was pretty much the same. The guy came too soon and then didn't to anything to help her climax.

Instead of thinking she'd chosen the most sexually inept partners, she blamed herself. Thinking she was doing something wrong or expecting too much. Over time this led to my client "giving up" and losing all interest in being physically intimate.

After getting through menopause she wanted to reawaken her intimate self but wasn't able to relight the candle. That's why she thought there was something wrong medically.

We worked on this to the point where my client had the breakthrough she'd been looking for. In her own words "The dam has been dismantled and the floodgates opened."

In the last session I taught her a Jedi Mind Trick that can bring her to multiple orgasm, simply by the power of thought. Without any physical contact.  Any woman can do this with the proper instruction.

A few weeks after the last session, I got a message from X with an update.

Intimacy with her partner was now back on the menu and he wanted to know what on earth she'd done. X shared the work we'd done and he called me shortly after to thank me for reviving their bedroom fun. 🙂"

How Do We Get Started?

We start with your initial consultation, which is a short free-of-charge chat to establish whether we can work together and talk through what has been occurring.  Once we're both happy to move forward we'll book your first session in the diary and take payment.

Most of my clients work with me over zoom, however if you are local to the Folkestone or Kent area, we can make arrangements to meet in person for your treatment if you would prefer.

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