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Paul Wilson,
Mindset Coach.

Helping successful entrepreneurs and consultants eradicate impostor syndrome, constant doubt, perfectionism and procrastination. Setting you free to scale up & generate more income.

"I absolutely love being mentored by Paul Wilson. When I saw too many busy months on the horizon, I contacted Paul. Met him last year in London where his presentation at a mastermind day touched me deeply. He gets people.

He gets me.

So, every week he helps me to rephrase my Woulda Coula Shoulda and he helps me to relax.

When after another tossing and turning night I woke up thinking OMG Monday oh this oh that, I reset myself by a quick technique that Paul has taught me. And today ran smooth as a Saturday!

Muddled minds, contact Paul. You will not regret it!"

Sandra ten Hoope.

Paul Wilson

I'm a baggage handler.

I help people remove unhelpful or damaging thought patterns and behaviour.

Paul Wilson

You'll feel better for it.

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You might not even know how or why you started feeling this way. It doesn’t matter.

You might be concerned that your anxiety or lack of self confidence is part of you and can’t be dealt with. That’s not true. They are just beliefs, behaviours or habits that are holding you back.

I use a simple but powerful process to make the changes that will help you become a happier person.

There’s no need for you to carry that baggage with you anymore. Because it’s time to let it go. You’ll feel better for it and you won’t need to revisit the past.

There is something inside holding you back.
It’s time to give you the happy head you deserve.

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There’s a nagging voice or feeling inside – telling you that you’re not good enough. Don’t bother trying because you’ll just mess it up. This makes you anxious. You worry. And you mess up. Again. The procrastination sets in. You put things off. When you get around to doing something, the results aren’t that good.

It’s not your fault. This behaviour isn’t you. It comes from all the negative feedback you received when you were growing up. You might not even remember being scolded or told you where hopeless.

You have subconsciously stored these unhelpful comments and critiques and you have “learned” that you can’t do anything right. Wrong! Anxiety, worry, fear of failure are old beliefs and patterns of behaviour. They can be removed and replaced, giving you a clear mental path that will help get more out of life and become a happier person.


Spiders, snakes, heights, flying, dogs, storms, needles, public speaking. They are a few of the massive number of phobias (fear of) that people suffer with. Social Phobia is becoming more common. A fear of being watched, criticised or humiliated.

Phobias are more common than you think. For some people just thinking about their phobia can make them breathlessness, feel ill and might even lead to a panic attack. You may have suffered this yourself.

You understand how your phobia holds you back, making it hard to get on with your life. Debilitating even. The thing is It doesn’t have to be this way.

Your fear of _ _ _ can be reduced to a level where it doesn’t bother you anymore. In many cases it can be removed completely.


You’ve tried everything. Celeb diets, fad diets, your best friend swears by it diet. Every December you join a gym but only manage to go a handful of times. The treadmill you bought is gathering dust in the corner.

Nothing you have tried has permanently removed an ounce of the excess fat you’re carrying around.

There’s a reason why you can’t achieve your wellness goals. Self-sabotage. There is something inside holding you back and you didn’t even know. Not surprising really because it’s deeply embedded in your subconscious, stopping you creating the changes you’re so desperate to make. However, it’s not hard to root out the problem and install the behaviours you need to get into shape.


You don’t go for that promotion because you don’t deserve it. A pay rise is out of the question because your boss won’t listen to you. And forget about asking that gorgeous person out on a date because s/he will laugh in your face.

Sound familiar? That’s your lack of confidence talking. Telling you how undeserving and worthless you are. Like anxiety, low self-esteem grows out of our past experiences. Also, every time you recall when something you tried didn’t work. Traumatic experiences can also cause you to lose confidence in yourself and damage your sense of trust.

Without needing to relive those traumatic events or negative experiences you can kick start your self-confidence and begin to lead your life in a much happier, positive way.


I’d been drinking alcohol on a regular basis for several decades, always thinking I’d stop one day. I heard about Paul’s work and decided to give it a try.

What did I have to lose?

After years of struggling with my issue, I was blown away with how easy it was to change.

Paul has a calming, grounded energy and I immediately felt at ease in his presence. Despite the obvious apprehension prior to my first session, I was able to totally relax and be in the moment from the outset.

Once Paul explained the process and ran through a few test exercises, I started looking forward to the sessions. I could see immediately that this was going to create real change in my life. Paul also made it fun and engaging.

The urge to drink alcohol literally disappeared overnight. There were a few fleeting moments where I thought about it briefly, but these soon faded once the change was embedded into my subconscious. The whole process took a mere 3 weeks, which I found astounding.

I would thoroughly recommend Paul as a practitioner for making positive changes in your life. He was incredibly supportive during the process. I didn’t need any help between sessions, but he offers this as part of the service. At the end he even guided me through the methods I could use on myself for any other change work I wanted to do. I have tried this at home and it works. As a result, I feel empowered to create further change and steer ever closer to my life goals.

Thank you Paul, you have changed my life for the better!


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