Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy

Of all of the different styles of Hypnotherapy I've studied, Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy is my favourite for many reasons.  Firstly, ACH sheds the caricature of the stuffy hypnotherapist using rehearsed therapy, requiring the client to lie down and close their eyes.  None of these are needed, your brain simply shifts into trance when you're ready.

Scripts aren't necessary, because the old way of doing things wrongly assumes that everyone fits into the same boxes. Every client has different needs and ACH is flexible enough to drill down to the real problem and deliver fast results.

The real power of advanced conversational hypnotherapy is although clients are aware they have a problem, nine out of ten are not consciously aware of the root cause.

The unconscious mind, however, is aware and it's that part of the mind we access using ACH.  In summary, the trance state allows your unconscious mind to speak and resolve the real issue.

For example, a recent client came to me with a problem, which we resolved during the session, however immediately she had an overwhelming desire to declutter and this was the result.



How does this differ from traditional Hypnotherapy?

A client may book a session to stop smoking. A traditional hypnotherapist might use the session to read a stop smoking script, in the hope that it will help the client stop smoking permanently.

The misconception is that smoking is the problem, when it's a symptom of the real root cause. Like a runny nose is a symptom of a head cold.

Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy let's the practitioner help their client discover the root cause which created the symptom (smoking) and eliminate it.

Do I know what your root cause is before the session?

All my clients have a free 45 minute consultation with me before we agree to work together and I usually get hints of the problem ahead of your paid session.  However since I'm talking to your conscious mind, it's not likely to be the real problem... otherwise you'd have solved the issue on your own.

In addition to this good ACH practitioners leave their ego at the door and don't make assumptions.  Once you've dropped you into a trance, your unconscious mind will lead us to the correct conclusions.

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