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Do I Know Anyone Who Could Walk On Water?

Do I know anyone who could walk on water?

I was out walking the dog with my eight-year-old son.

I was angry because he began asking “pointless” questions.

His first one, “if you drew a line from the Sun to the Earth would there be someone standing under it?”

Followed by, “did I know anyone who could walk on water?”

Why couldn’t he just walk quietly for a while and enjoy the moment?

My boy was just being a kid bouncing along, asking whatever questions came to him, listening to the answers, asking more questions.

None of his questions were of any significance, he just needed to ask them.

It’s a warm night and as we walked I relaxed and smiled.

I answered his questions as best as I could.

He’d never walked with me this late before. It was a new experience for him.

The stars are out, he’s happy, the dog’s behaving. My mood changed. I relaxed, let go and smiled.

It’s easy to get caught up in your own shit, your own crappy inner world. Not paying attention to the needs of others.

My son wanted to talk to me.

But most of all he wanted to be with me, just me, him and the dog.

If you’re a dad, spend more time with your kids when they are young.

Because this innocence doesn’t last long.

It’s gone before you know it.

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