Coaching for Imposter Syndrome

Love Your Inner Heckler

My small claim to fame is that I did Logan Murray’s Stand-Up Comedy Course which included a gig in front of a live audience.

I had a couple of hecklers step up during my gig.

I loved them – because they reacted in a way that made me work harder to entertain the audience.

You’ve moaned about internal heckler. The one that keeps putting you down, telling you your hopeless, no point in you doing anything.

It’s part of you and there for a reason. It wants to keep you safe, stop you being eaten by hungry wolves – yep it hasn’t evolved as fast as society…

With practise you can tame your inner voice, encourage them to become your inner guide/trainer/counsellor.

Mindfulness exercises help calm your inner critic. You’ll benefit from them to. Bringing calm into your head will help you relax brining peace into your hectic life.

You could use a little extra peace upstairs but more importantly you need to have confidence in your own thoughts and feelings.

Stop relying on others to boost your ego or make you feel better.

Stop listening to the spite, hate and downright ignorance that some voices want to share.

Become your own support team as you are the only person you can rely on 100%.

It’s time to make peace with your inner heckler – ask them to help you write rewrite your script.

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