Overwhelmed, Overtired, Overcooked.

Were you on a path to growth beyond but got stuck in overwhelm?  Ask yourself: what did you do today to face your fears?  Nothing?  Very little?  WHY NOT?!  Didn’t you know what to do?  Were you simply overtired?  WERE YOU WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO SHOW YOU THE WAY? Even if you’re scared, you’re allowed to do something.  Go do it.  Read below if this paragraph wasn’t enough…and ENJOY!

Overwhelmed by the FEAR of…

Fear is inevitable, I have to accept that, but I cannot allow it to paralyze me.Isabel Allende.

The most successful people around us aren’t necessarily the brightest, most good looking or the bravest.

They’re the ones who’ve stopped being overwhelmed by fear.

They might’ve been afraid but they’ve gone and done it anyway.

They’ve left a good job, invested everything into a brand new business.

They’ve put themselves in front of an audience and been booed off staged.

They’ve started something, been ridiculed by family and friends.

They’ve created something and been rejected, over and over again. But they still come back for more.

Becoming successful means doing things despite being afraid.

Fear is part of our survival toolkit. Without the human race wouldn’t be here.

Imagine having no fear and seeing a tiger.

Human: “wow look a big pussy cat.” Tiger: “Easiest lunch ever.”

Fear is what drove humans to create, grow and survive.

Despite fear, we left the trees, discovered the savannah and journeyed across oceans.

Fear is part of our DNA, always will be.

Today fear is ever present and stops people from growing. From taking risks that deep down they want to take.

We get stuck in safety. We like to feel safe. Governments, employers and our parents, strive to make us as safe as possible.

Risk free.

This leads us to be afraid of almost everything.

Thinking about what might go wrong.

How bad it could be.

To start that new business; ask him out on a date; apply for that promotion; we have to overcome our fear.

Don’t worry about what others say.

Don’t be scared of the result because it’s not important.

What’s important, is taking action. Sticking your neck out and doing it.

And If it doesn’t work the first time, do it again and again. Until it you get the result you’re looking for.

Treat life like an experiment.

Do the thing.

Keep making adjustments until you get the results you’ve dreamed about.

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