Secret to Success

Psst…Wanna know the secret?

We spend our time looking outside ourselves for answers hiding in plain sight.

Inside each of us.

People don’t want to accept this as the truth.

They will spend their lives looking for the secret, that special thing, which once discovered will magically transform their lives.

A lesson in futility.

There is no secret.

The fountain of youth or the tree of knowledge don’t exist.

You already know the important stuff.

But you don’t want to accept this because looking inside is scary.

You might find the real reason why you aren’t where you want to be.

Why you’re stuck.





It is so much easier to “…search for a hidden city that we shall never see…”

You can tell everyone you’re looking for the final piece of the puzzle, which leads instant success…

I was amazed when I first heard that more than 90% of those who buy a “personal growth” or “how to” product never complete the assignments – in some cases they don’t even open it!


I understand this insanity because I’ve been there.

It’s a dark place full of instant gratification gone cold.

When the author spells out that dirty, frightening, four letter word.


Most of us will run away.

Because that word frightens us.

What happens if I do it and it doesn’t work?

What happens if I do it and it works?

Do the work and your eyes will be opened.

You might not succeed first time round but you will learn.

You will gain knowledge.

It takes more than one visit to the gym to build muscle.

Same with creating passive income or applying for that new job.

We need to the work, put the hours in.

Sweat, swear, scream, struggle. Rinse and repeat.

That’s the secret – the one you’ve known all along.

No need to trek the Himalayas, or hack through impenetrable jungle to reach the monastery of mystic monks.

Look inside because that’s where you’ll find the secret to your success.

But you knew that already, didn’t you?

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