Stop Choosing Unhappy

Why are you choosing to be unhappy.

Being unhappy is simply a state of mind. A way of reacting to past, present or even future events. You don’t have to be miserable, really you don’t. Your state of mind or how you’re feeling in the moment won’t change any.

Or will it?

Being unhappy may elicit some sympathy but not much. People want to be around folks who are upbeat or at least neutral. They don’t want to be around down, feeling blue, unhappy people.

Because one person bringing those negative feelings into a room can turn the temperature to sub zero in a second. These are called vampires. Not the blood sucking types with pointy teeth but energy vampires.

Energy vampires drain you dry and you can feel all hope and happiness dissipating when you spend time with one. You’ll know if you’re a vampire just by seeing how long people stick around you. If folks tend not to hang around too long then you may be turning into one. However there is a way out. No cure needed. We simply need you to stop being downhearted and unhappy.

This unhappy person is an Energy Vampire.
Energy Vampires are everywhere…

“But how do I do that?

“I’m unhappy because of – insert reason here – and there’s no way I can get myself into a happy frame of mind.”

Here are a few things you can do that will get you out of your unhappy mindset.

– Think about how lucky you are: You have access to food and fresh water;  a roof over your head and a job. You don’t live in a war zone worrying about bombs and poison gas. Billions of people around the world aren’t as lucky as you.

– Be grateful for all the good things in your life: Friends and family for example.

– Get some exercise. It’s a fact that going for a 30-minute walk will make you feel better.

– Watch a funny movie or your favourite comedian. You will feel better.

– Volunteer. Spend time helping others and you will see things differently and feel happier.

To stop being miserable you must get up and do something. Being static, stagnant won’t help you. It will only make you feel worse. Because your body needs to move to generate the happy chemicals in your brain, like dopamine.

YOU can think yourself happy.

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