Understanding Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety & Stress, If I knew you were coming over I would have left the house!

Anxiety😟 and stress.😰

Two old friends who know how to spoil any party.Pretend to make you feel better but their real goal is to metabolise your misery.

I used to worry about everything from Asteroids ☄️sending us back to the stone age, to Zombie attacks🧟 I couldn’t escape from. Some nights I’d sleep less than a couple of hours because I “knew” it was going to happen that night.

Real world issues upset me too.

I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve cancelled things because I’d make myself look stupid. Didn’t enjoy going to summer barbeques because I’d be the least successful person there.

Everyone would be talking about their latest investment or the month they’d spent in Florida, enjoying themselves.⛱️

I’d often wake up in a cold sweat, dreading handing in a report to my boss because I hadn’t done enough to make it just right.

❌I didn’t deserve,
❌Wasn’t worth it,
❌Who was I to think,
❌No one will believe me,
❌I’m not good enough.

You get the idea.

Drinking helped me sleep, I was a bottle of wine🍷 a night person…Thankfully I wasn’t aware of anyone who used, otherwise I would’ve gotten addicted most likely.

Anxiety and stress made my life miserable.😖 For years I felt like a fake. Someone was going to call me out. Tell me I know nothing about anything and shouldn’t be doing what I was doing at the time. I lived my life in fear of being declared an impostor.

Being a bloke, I didn’t talk to anyone about how I was feeling.

True, I saw a counsellor for a few weeks but she didn’t help. C

Couldn’t get a handle on what I was going through. I guess you need to have been though this yourself before you understand.

Tried meds, but they were turning me into a real life Zombie🙂 Just existing, numbing the anxiety sure but every other emotion with it.

Finally I got sick of those two running never-ending me bashing conferences in my head. I did what I had to do. To be honest, I’d known for a while. But you know, “better the devil you know” and all that.

You can feel better. 🤗

You’re more than able to live your life without unwanted anxiety and stress.

I feel for you, I’ve been there.🤗

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