Change Is An Opportunity?

I recently read a post about banking apps. Towards the end the author said – paraphrasing here – he hated change but change brings great opportunity.

There were a number of comments on the post repeating the same kind of thing, change brings opportunity.

Does it?

It depends on who you are. If an employee hears a manager talking about change, they may start worrying about: redundancy; less/more hours; having a longer commute; reduction in salary. In a word, uncertainty. Their future becomes the unknown.

For many people change doesn’t bring opportunity, it brings fear and apprehension. That’s why so many people hate the word “change”. Because it represents the unknown.

For many of my potential clients that word scares the shit out of them. They are unable to see what might happen if they no longer have that phobia, or are more self confident, or lose their anxiety.

They have lived with the “problem” for so long they are not able to separate themselves from it. They simply cannot picture a future live without it. The tunnel has no light at the end of it.

I haven’t found a way

of showing that person how things will look once their problem has been removed.

This kind of client will make an appointment to see me, then “something came up” making them have to apologetically cancel our meeting. They don’t rearrange.

I’ve learned that when this happens that potential client just isn’t ready yet. They aren’t at that stage where they’ve just had enough of their problem and are ready to work with me.

The business owners you are going to meet may also be worried about change. When you talk about bringing in more leads/sales/clients. Or helping them change how they run their business.

They might be thinking –

“How will I cope with this new business?”

“What will my family/friends think if I suddenly start doing better?”

“Will I need more staff?” “Will I need new equipment/premises…?”

It might be worthwhile thinking about how your potential clients interpret “change” internally and be prepared to help them see change as an opportunity instead of something to hate or be afraid of.

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