Depression and anxiety

Imposter Syndrome – Feeling Like a Fake

Feeling fake, an impostor in your own life?

Stuck, unable to move forward because someone gonna find out?

Even though you’re good at your thing, years of experience. They? will see through you.

Your self-worth is through the floor. Sitting at your laptop staring at the screen, your fingers refuse to touch the keys.

You’re not alone, untold thousands of women – and men – feel like you. It’s called Impostor Syndrome.

The crazy thing is, logically you know it’s not true. But you can’t shake this feeling of being a fraud.

Anger & Frustration
I’m not an impostor!

Take a deep breath and…relax. It’s not your fault.


What Caused Your Imposter Syndrome?

Someone somewhere in your past told you:

  1. you’re not good enough;
  2. you’ll never amount to anything;
  3. you don’t deserve x y or z.

Maybe you never got any praise or support or…love.

Perhaps someone lied to you. Said that you had to be more like them, but in reality, they were never who they seemed to be.

Confusion sets in.

Gets stuck inside your head, buried itself deep, lying forgotten.

The mental blocks you feel, the hurdles holding you back, are real.

To you, but invisible to everyone who knows you.

Whatever happened back then, you were doing the best you could.

Struggling to survive.

Keeping your head above the water.

Getting through the day.

There is a Way Out

It’s time to realise that it wasn’t your fault.

It’s time to let go.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to forgive yourself. You’ve spent years trying to undo your Gordian Knot, the unsolvable puzzle.

Let it go, watch your impostor fade away. You’ll be free to move forward again and Get Shit Done.

Contact me to get this sorted quickly, without wasting years lying on a couch, staring some stranger’s ceiling.

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