Who is Paul Wilson? Folkestone Hypnotherapist

Who Is Paul Wilson?

Who is Paul Wilson? I help professional people struggling with impostor syndrome, to achieve life goals through hypnosis, NLP & discombobulation.


I’ve seen & done enough throughout my 59 years to help people get out of their own way through life coaching.

After 25 years at the Channel Tunnel – mainly in Operations – I decided it was time to move on, do something different.

2018 was the year of “”New” for me. I expanded my comfort zone, had a fabulous time.

One of the highlights was Logan Murray’s Stand Up Comedy course, during which I performed two live gigs. Even got myself a couple of hecklers. It was a blast.

I recommend getting yourself on a comedy course, if you have a negative thing about public speaking. Do a gig and your thing will evaporate.

My fascination with the mind – memory and how our brains are wired – kicked off again after 1 took part in a one day hypnosis (The Control System) workshop.

I helped someone overcome a fear of anything wriggly.

Not bad I thought – but not brilliant – until I saw video on Facebook showing her picking up a very large worm and carrying it carefully to a grassy bank. I was gobsmacked. The change I’d seen in less than 24 hours was crazy.

After watching this I immediately signed up to become a control practitioner. Completed that training, then spent time with the trainers trainer and found my new career.

I’d “tried” self hypnosis before to help with winter blues and low mood – AKA depression. But I couldn’t get the results I was after.

Watching the changes in a person’s outlook one they realise the baggage they’ve carried around for years has gone – for good – is amazing.

The smile on my clients faces when they realise this, is priceless.

With today’s tech I get to help people wherever they are in the world, if they have access to a phone – I also see folks face to face.

Why this and not something else?


I have fucked up so many times in my life, and caused numerous shit storms. I thought I’d never be able to do something positive/helpful, to make up for some of the grief I’ve created.

With the skills I’ve learned and the experience I accrued, I’m able to help, not the whole world, but a few people at a time.

I love what I do and I get to meet and work with incredible people. I get a buzz seeing the changes I help people achieve.

To me it’s like having a superpower.

This is who Paul Wilson is

You can see a small sample of comments from my clients here: Testimonials

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